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DIY Gray Chevron Tray

Chevron is patter that lately you see in every design you can get, carpets, phone covers, laptops, fashion and every decorative item. So This is nothing new but you can transform a ordinary object into a beautiful design piece!

I have had this wooden tray for years; I even paint it one time bright lime green, until a few month ago that I decided to paint it with a more interesting pattern.I needed a tray to organize all of my things that I keep over my dresser. So I thought about that old tray of mine. But you can do this on whatever flat surface you can think of, a table, the front of a dresser or even a cushion.

This project took me 2 hrs.

In this case didn´t cost me anything because I had all the materials.

First you`ll need: some water based paint (in my case some leftovers I used in the past), a paintbrush, cutter, pencil, ruler and masking tape or painters tape.

First you´ll have to paint the entire tray white or any color that you´ll chose. Once you have a solid base color, you lightly measured out a checkerboard in pencil. In my case, I decided on 5cm x 5cm squares. I then used masking tape or painter’s tape to cover everything that is going to stay white.

I started painting with regular acrylic wall paint. It took a lot of coats to get a solid color. Finally you remove all the tape and you can touch up some of the possible mistakes with a very fine brush and some base color paint.

The final result is really amazing. You can use it to stack some books, magazines or even a flower base over a coffee table. It´s a very easy to do weekend project. Here you can check out another chevron tray i made too!

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