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DIY Oh Deer!

Sometimes you see things that makes you think “I could do something cool with that” and not always know what right-away, but you have to follow your gut. One time I was walking in the grocery store and saw this very kitchy christmas deer, very inexpensive and I follow that felling because I saw potencial in it. So i bought it and decided to see if I could remove all that glitter.

I found some inspiration online and decided to painted white like this beautiful image!

This project took me 30 minutes with out the de-glittering

cost: deer $2 usd + spray paint $3 usd

I soak the deer for like one whole day, scrubbing all the glitter and glue, layers of sticky glue.

I just had to make sure to clean up very well after I drained the water.

After a lot of cleaning this is what was underneath all that, the good thing is that i was made out of plastic otherwise it could be ruined for all the soaking. Then I paint it with a white spray paint (sorry no pic) like 4 coats in a ventilated area.

The result I think is quite beautiful, and I think you can do this with any figurines that you can find in those dollar stores, or even an old toy or vintage technology equiptment! For me works like a decorative paperweight and I love it!.

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