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Louis XVI Neo-Classical Chair

I have always loved vintage furniture specially when you mix modern and vintage stuff. My room has a mixture of everything, but still I am trying to unify it a bit at a time. This post is about a beautiful chair. I recently found two images on pinterest and I finally knew what was the name of the design that I really liked. It´s called Louis XVI Neo-Classical Squared Chair even though it´s a bit more masculine than the Rococo style in the right, I think it makes it a little more modern mixable. I personally love how this illustrations compares the differences in styles between each of them. Being an Industrial designer myself I always try to look for quality classic pieces that will last forever and know the importance of good design.

Here you can see how mixed with contemporary decor you can use it so beautifully, this is the set of Fashion Police which I really like, this is a modern version made by designer Jonathan Adler, I believe he updated the set with a full make over including his famous ceramic designs.

Since I always wanted one of those chairs I started to search on the web and on the local stores and second hand places (which I love), and found something very similar in Casa Dragon and it was on Sale! it cost only $150 uds compared with Adler´s price that is $1,295 usd mine was a bargain. So I purchase it, of course it needs a little bit of make over, but not much, basically just a new upholstery. So I am searching for a pretty fabric to make it even more perfect.

So stay tone for the make over of this pretty chair and how it will look in my bedroom! I´m so exited to see how it will look at the end!

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