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Hi! My name is Arely Perusquia  

I´m a Mexican industrial designer, graphic designer, artist, illustrator and blogger , haha ;) , I love the process of making beautiful things.

I´m a recent Etsy seller! I enjoy decorating the pages of my planner and love to blog about decorating my home, a bit of fashion, my personal art and also some great food recipes.

When I was 7 years old my first "job" was that my mom got me a few stickers and I re sold them to my friends, I never thought that I was going to be designing them, many years later. :)

Check out my blog and visit my etsy store, you might find something you like! :)

About me

She is a lovely character that simply came to life one day when I was drawing. She developed her own personality while I was sketching her, I belive she is very serious but funny and goofy at the same time , so sure of herself. She lives a very active life full of activities that she loves.  

So far I have designed sets of stickers, clear stamps, calendars and notebooks, but Miss Lily Shades is so dearly loved by her followers, that there is going to be so much more of her pretty soon

Miss Lily Shades

...under construction!

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